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Treat the cold with these 7 home remedies quickly

You can treat the cold to relieve it quickly with these remedies that relieve the tingling and the fluidity of the mucus in short time span.

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] Natural treatments such as apple cider vinegar, turmeric and vitamin C help cure the cold. These natural treatments will alleviate inflammation while helping to cleanse the nasal passages and sinus cavities. Commercial nasal sprays offer only a temporary relief to this often chronic condition.

What is cold?

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you have a cold. As a true diagnosis, the cold is a persistent condition that continues Long after a typical cold. In addition, people who have this condition usually get little relief from blowing their nose or coughing, rather they have a persistent feeling that something is stuck in the throat or in their nasal cavity. In this article we will see some home remedies for the catarrh in adults and children .

Types of catarrh: Acute : In this case, it presents a transparent mucus and much more fluid, which can then become ed more grayish color.
  • Common catarrh : It is the most common of problems In the airways, and it usually ripens rapidly congestion, achieving a faster relief.
  • Chronic catarrh : The phlegm that occurs in patients with this type of persistent catarrh
  • At its root, the catarrh is caused by the reaction of your body. It is thicker and with a more concentrated greenish color. System immune to infection or irritation of the airways or nasal cavities. A number of different triggers are quite common including common allergic and cold reactions, pollen or dust mites. Other triggers include irritating chemicals such as paint or perfumes, weather changes, alcohol, spicy food, and stress.

    So if you want to eliminate cold fast avoid these

    Home remedies to treat bronchial catarrh

    Illustration of the catarrh and what are its causes "width =" 650 The home remedies for bronchial catarrh, as we have mentioned, are much better than nasal sprays for the treatment of colds ]. adults this latter option provides only temporary relief and usually establishes a recurrent pattern of In contrast, natural remedies cure the condition and prevent recurrence. While we have a series of natural treatments for eliminating the fast catarrh it is time to use it.

    1. Apple vinegar

    One of the issues that may contribute to the bronchial catarrh is an unbalanced pH in the body. A daily dose of 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water, helps to rebalance the system and offers a number of vitamins and minerals that restore your health.

    2. Turmeric

    Turmeric helps relieve inflammation that contributes to congestion. This also offers relief because it helps to cleanse the nostrils and paranasal sinuses.

    3. Vitamin C

    An essential vitamin is vitamin C because it is compatible with the general functioning of the immune system, thanks to this can help your recovery. It also helps fight the underlying infection.

    4. Sea salt

    If you still keep asking yourself how to remove the catarrh Fast an effective way is to use sea salt, specifically half a teaspoon of this salt in a cup of warm water.It must be worked in ten minutes by gargling, and repeat this process for a few days. 5. Adjust your pillows

    Sleeping with a raised head is a good way to relieve congested nasal passages, so we can enjoy a good night's sleep, which is vital to help your body fight When you sleep in this way, you also prevent congestion from getting to the lungs, which can lead to an annoying and painful cough.Many people may find it too uncomfortable to sleep with two pillows, however a good trick in this case is to place The additional pillow between the mattress and the mattress or mattress, to create a more gradual slope.

    6. Change Your Diet

    A healthy, well-balanced diet will help your body fight off any infection that may be causing mucus formation as well as help break up phlegm and congestion. In fact, a 2006 study found that diets high in sodium, meat and refined carbohydrates can increase mucus, while those with high fiber, fruits, vegetables and soy may limit it.

    . Inhaling Steam

    Steam inhalations can help you get rid of the cold. Add a little eucalyptus essential oil to the water and do it when you wake up and before bed. This remedy is useful and very effective at the time of remove the cold or constipated.

    These seven home remedies are totally effective to help you eliminate or fight the cold If it is very strong. It is important to try which of these methods your body reacts better so that you can implement this remedy every time you have a relapse and thus you can stop presenting this condition as quickly and efficiently as possible

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