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These Signs Indicate That Your Body is Acidic. Here is what you Must Do to FIX it Fast!

The acidity of the body refers to the amount of acid in the body fluids. The “alkalinity” of the body refers to the ability of those body fluids to neutralize the acid.
These fluids are essential for enabling the body to function properly, and improve digestion, nutrients transportation and carrying oxygen throughout the body.
The levels of acids must be kept at a specific range to prevent harming the body.The body’s acidity and alkalinity is measured by a pH scale that goes from 0 to 14. If your body fluids have higher pH levels it means they have more oxygen and are more alkaline. If your body fluids are lower in pH, it means they have less oxygen and more acids. Neutral levels are considered around pH value 7.
These are the optimal pH levels of the body fluids:

  • Saliva pH = 7.0-7.5
  • Blood pH = 7.35-7.45
  • Urine pH = 4.6-8.0

When some of these levels is lower, that means your body is acidic. Many people do not bother to check their pH levels because they are not informed about the acidity enough.
Here is a list of symptoms that indicate body acidity and ways to regulate the alkaline balance as well:
Weight GainWhenever the body is not alkalized, the waste product gets trapped inside the organism, which leads to forming excess waste. Furthermore, this produces body acidity, and the organs responsible for flushing toxins (kidneys, colon, skin, and lymph system) are overworked and cannot remove the built up acid from the organism.
So, this acidity gets attached to the fat cells and sticks around by making you gain weight even more.
Weak BonesDespite the effort of the body to remain alkalized, if there is too much acidity, important minerals are wasted from the organs and tissues to keep the organism active. This ultimately leads to brittle bone structure. One of those minerals withdrawn from the bones is calcium.
Ultimately, this leads to osteopenia or osteoporosis, and if you have it- then you are probably suffering from body acidity.
Dental ProblemsSince teeth are actually a bone structure, the same as with the other bones occurs. When the body is acidic, the calcium gets withdrawn from them and the teeth suffer from this mineral’s deficiency.According to a study published in the International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications in 2015, the tooth enamel can become weaker and more susceptible to damage as a result of high acidity.
This makes the teeth more subjected to mouth bacteria from sweet foods and drinks. Finally this results in cavities and production of lactic acid in the mouth.This is actually what makes the teeth sensitive to cold or hot foods and drinks. Another symptom that may occur is bleeding gums.
FatigueBody acidity makes the body much more susceptible to viruses, fungi, and bacteria. These microorganisms thrive perfectly in an acidic conditions. Usually they build up inside the gums, digestive tract, and other tissues and organs.
This creates weak immunity and exhausts the body. Due to exhaustion, the body makes up for lost energy and loses important nutrients. On larger scale, this harms the enzymes and hormones and causes body irregularities, such as fatigue.
Skin ProblemsHigh levels of acidity lead to toxins build up and this in turn causes damage to your skin. It also leads to decreased blood flow making the skin unable to eliminate toxins through sweating. Due to this condition a person may develop rashes, eczema, acne and various allergies.
Mucus Build-upMucus serves a purpose which is eliminating toxins via the nose. When the organism is acidic, the nasal passage cannot throw out the mucus, which remains trapped inside the body.
If the mucus starts building up you need to seek medical help because otherwise it will lead to respiratory problems like coughing, sinus issues, and wheezing and chest pain.
Muscle PainHigh levels of body acidity results in constricted muscles, which means that the oxygen cannot be transferred through the blood vessels properly. Thus, the muscles lack oxygen as well and this leads to pain and soreness. You may also experience fatigue, a clear sign of elevated body acidity.
InsomniaWhenever you are dealing with tiredness and exhaustion as well as insomnia, this indicates low pH levels. Due to lack of calcium in the body, it feels exhausted at all times, leading to significant tiredness.
How to Fix the ProblemThere are a couple of things you can do to prevent body acidity.
Hydration: Drink a lot of water in order to prevent dehydration. Water stimulates digestion, speeds up the metabolism and prevents diseases.
Warm Lemon Water: Lemon may be acidic in flavour, but it can actually alkalize your body and it may be your best solution for keeping an alkaline environment.
Green Leafy Vegetables:If you increase your consumption cucumber, kale, spinach, broccoli, arugula, green peppers, collards, chard, zucchini, lettuce, artichokes, green asparagus and celery, you will fix any acidity problems instantly. By juicing these veggies you will get maximum health benefits.
Stop Consuming Highly Acidic Products: Make sure to always avoid alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks, processed junk foods, processed meats, and artificial and processed sugars since they increase the body acidity.
Calcium and Magnesium: To keep your bones strong and you muscles operative, increase your intake of calcium and magnesium. This is going to also keep your teeth, heart, and nervous system in check. Aside from this, the two minerals will enable the body to remain alkalized.
Best sources of calcium are dark, leafy green veggies, seafood (salmon and mackerel), dry fruits, and grain cereals. Calcium and magnesium supplements can be also beneficial, and can be prescribed by your doctor.
Avoid GMO Foods: GMOs contain high levels of toxins and chemicals which make the body even more acidic.

Source: healthyfoodhouse