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THE WORLD CELEBRATES: RESEARCHERS FIND cancer drug and metastasis of colon and breast


One of the main reasons why cancer patients relapse. In the disease is the presence of carcinogenic, resistant and strong stem cells to the treatments with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The CMC are in tumors in very low percentage and have as main characteristic the formation of metastases in sites different from the original tumor

the whole world celebrates. Researchers find Drug against Cancer and Metastasis of Colon and Mama
Under normal conditions they are in a dormant state, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are not sufficient to destroy these CMC. In a primary response to treatment, many cancer patients have relapses or falls because the tumor stem cells have not been destroyed in the body. In these years international research has focused on the search for new drugs that selectively attack resistant cells.
, So that if they are removed the tumor will be totally destroyed and this will lead to the healing of the sick.

A struggle of decades Now a team of researchers from the Institute of Biosanitary of Granada has reached a step further In the long race against cancer and has found a drug that attacks and kills cancerous stem cells in three specific types of tumors: breast, colon and melanoma (skin).

The achievement comes after almost 20 years testing more than 2,000 compounds. The union is strengthened and made possible thanks to the convergence of the scientists of the group 'Advanced Therapies: differentiation, regeneration and cancer', which are led by the professor of the Faculty of Medicine Juan Antonio Marchal.
Next to him, helped Joaquín Campos, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Maria Angel Garcia, the hospital Virgen de As well as universities in Jaén and Miami (United States). The drug was called Bozepinib and opens a door to hope. For now, the product has been able to demonstrate its activity against cancer and in addition Is selective because it acts directly on tumor stem cells, so it reduces toxicity in this type of compounds, which usually attack healthy cells, causing hair loss or gastrointestinal disorders. ]
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Thus defend the researchers, who publish their advances in the magazine 'Oncotarget'. The limitation, for the time being, is that the experiment has only been tested with positive results in mice.

The animals had been induced with breast, colon or melanoma cancer and the use of Bozepinib got in The formation of metastases.
The following is studying the activity of this compound in a larger tumor spectrum.

If they had more funding, it would allow them to start a phase I clinical trial in patients. Marchal says that the most recommended is a combination of treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy in low doses.