Although the disease is deadly, cancer treatment is possible if it’s detected and treated in its early stages. Cancer doesn’t show symptoms like a cold or the flu – its symptoms are subtle which is why they’re often ignored until it’s too late. Early detection of cancer is very important and can significantly increase the chances of your survival.
If you notice any of the symptoms from the list below, don’t panic – they might also be symptoms of other less serious diseases. We suggest visiting a doctor as soon as possible in order to get proper diagnosis and treatment.

Here are the 10 most ignored signs of cancer:

WHITE SPOTS ON THE INSIDE OF THE MOUTH AND TONGUEThis could be an indication of leukoplakia, a pre-cancerous skin condition caused by frequent irritation, smoking or chewing tobacco. If ignored, these white spots may turn to oral cancer, which is why you should consult with a doctor as soon as you notice them.
IRREGULAR PERIODS AND DISCHARGE FROM THE NIPPLESUnusual discharge from the nipples or irregular and heavy periods is never a good sign, and it has to be checked by a doctor.
SKIN CHANGESIf a wart, mole or freckles changes its size, shape or color, it may be An indication of melanoma or other types of skin cancer. Hyperpigmentation of the skin, red patches and unusual hair growth can also be signs of skin cancer.
CHANGES IN BOWEL MOVEMENTSAny kind of change in your bowel movements should not be ignored as they can do much damage. If they persist for a longer period, they may be caused by some type of digestive cancer, so make sure to check the symptoms at a doctor.

THROAT ISSUESIf vocal hoarseness, chest pain, cough and shortness of breath go on for more than 3 weeks, you need to visit a doctor and make some tests to rule out cancer. These problems may be signs of esophageal, stomach or throat cancer, or symptoms of other serious diseases.
LOSS of APPETITE OR Sudden Weight LOSSLoss of appetite or sudden weight loss can be caused by pancreatic, stomach, esophageal and lung cancer. Check your weight occasionally in order to be more aware of any changes in your weight.
BRUISES THAT DON’T HEAL OR BLEEDING SORESBruises or sores that don’t heal by time are some of the most common signs of cancer. A long-lasting mouth ulcer might be indicating oral cancer in the early stages, while the sores in the intimate area may be caused by genital cancer. In case you notice these problems, make sure you visit a doctor immediately.
PAINPain all over the body may indicate that the cancer has spread to other areas. People suffering from bone or testicular cancer experience pain in the early stages, while brain tumor patients experience sharp headaches that don’t respond to treatment. Colon, rectum or ovarian cancer may cause back pain, so you might want to check that leg or back pain that has been nagging you recently.
FATIGUEFatigue is one of the most ignored signs of cancer. General fatigue that happens without reason may be a sign of colon, stomach cancer or leukemia. These 3 types of cancer can also leave you without sleep, which can make you tired in the morning.
BRUISING AND TUMORSTumors can be either benign or malignant. Breast cancer, testicular cancer and cancer of the lymph nodes usually start as a tumor that can be felt through the skin, so it’s best to visit a doctor as soon as you feel a lump that shouldn’t be there.

Source: healthyliving-healthylife