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The best home recipe for moisturizing dry hair

There are many factors that can damage the hair and make it dry, including poor care, changes in the weather, constant use of dye Other chemicals that are abrasive, these are some of the main responsible for the loss of health and shine over time. There is a home recipe for moisturizing dry hair and improving the damaged tips that everyone should know and try.

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Hair is one of the main signs of human identity, so keeping it always healthy and shiny should be a priority in the everyday routine.

Before deciding to attack the dry hair problem one must be well aware of the cause of

One of the main causes of which the hair This dry and brittle is the exaggerated use of shampoo. If you have a very greasy hair it is normal to have the need to wash it often or daily, especially using it throughout the hair. A better option is to just wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week. Although at first it will feel strange, the changes will be seen quickly, as this helps to conserve the majority of the natural oils that the hair has, thus avoiding their dryness.

Constant use of dryers

Another cause of dry hair is the constant use of dryers, straightening irons or curling irons. Using these tools is very harmful to the strands, because their heat reaches the scalp directly, which is super sensitive, causing hair to dry . It is best to let it dry naturally, if you need to use the dryer should try to do it at low power.

Use products with alcohol

If you want to have a beautiful hair , Bright and healthy, products that have alcohol should be avoided, although it is often too difficult to get a spray or gel that is free of it. In the event that none are obtained and it is really essential, we should try to reduce the quantity of products that are used or perhaps the frequency with which they are used.

Poor nutrition

Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of malnutrition. Having a dry hair . This may be the result of a very poor and very unbalanced diet. The hair always reflects the way in which people eat, so it is necessary to take a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet, also consult with an expert if it is necessary to incorporate some supplements or vitamins.

Best recipe to moisturize dry hair

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There is no recipe totally infallible or Which can be considered really better than the others.It depends on the type of hair that is possessed, how abundant it is and even the length that one has, since all these factors are very influential in determining how effective they can be The home remedies to moisturize and repair dry and battered hair The following ingredients are however part of the best recipes for a well hydrated hair:

Oil Coconut

Thanks to its great fat content, besides vitamin E and other essential oils, coconut oil is one of the best allies for the improvement of the state in which the hair is found. You can add a couple of large tablespoons to the shampoo or cream to comb, it is also advisable to apply it to the hair when it is still wet, it can only be thrown on the scalp or if the damage is very serious, spread with gentle massages from the root To the tips

Argan oil

It is known as the liquid gold of Morocco and this is because it is one of the best natural remedies to repair a Damaged mane, has incredible results and these are seen in a short time. Argan oil is a powerful moisturizer that can repair dry hair in the most effective way. It is used in the same way as coconut oil.

The benefits of argan oil to moisturize the oil. Coconut and honey

This powerful recipe includes the benefits of coconut oil to moisturize dry hair, and also properties of honey in a perfect combination for This moisturizing mask is easier to apply to wet hair, and is allowed to rest both of them.

Reverses damaged hair with this homemade mask and obtains a more moisturized hair. Aloe vera and coconut oil

Aloe vera is widely used in skin treatments and forms part of the body. Of the main ingredients of current beauty products, so if you have aloe vera at home, you can get your gel and in combination with coconut oil, prepare a mask that you can apply to your hair when finished washing it.

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