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The Astronaut Diet

It is called the astronaut diet and although in a sense it comes to be a diet with a controversial name, it is characterized because it is very low in calories, whose main foods Are proteins of animal origin and a small part of vegetables.

The choice of its name is not due to a chance, since it bears this denomination by its similarity With certain diets prescribed to astronauts and pilots when they need to lose weight in a relatively short period of time.

According to experts in nutrition and dietetics, the duration established for the Realization of this diet is three days, in which you achieve a weight loss of about three kilos (one kilo of weight per day).

But, is it a healthy alternative to lose weight and (19459006) The diet of the

As discussed above, the so-called astronaut diet is characterized by the fact that it completely eliminates carbohydrates from the astronaut. (19459004)

In this way, the main foods of this diet are the proteins of vegetal origin, emphasizing the meat, the eggs and something

It is a diet very poor in nutrients, since it counts only of 400 or of milk, although a very small part of vegetables.

Main disadvantages of the astronaut diet 500 kilojoules a day, not containing just vitamins and minerals, which are essential for humans.

It is very deficient in dietary fiber, and the diet is accompanied by a great loss of water, which is why

By all this, it is probable that once we finish the diet, we recover the lost liquid again, finding again with the same weight as we had before. While in other cases, you could gain a few extra pounds.

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