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Red tea Pu-Erh: from where red tea is obtained

The large leaves that are mainly used for the manufacture of red tea are obtained from a tree belonging to the family of the Camellias, which the Chinese call "Qingmao tea tree."

Camellia-assamica " ]

The place where the species is specifically cultivated from which the is produced, This shrub grows in the forests of China, and it is called Yunnan, and it is an ancient practice that has been practiced since the beginning of the Han dynasty. Mountain regions in which a temperate climate prevails, and the area where it grows – if I may be redundant – is ideal because there is no frost.

The process by which the red tea is made Pu -Erh is a millenary technique very different from the one used, for example, for the production of any other kind of tea, whether for example green tea or white tea ]

Although the method is not yet fully understood, it is known that green leaves are compressed into plaques that are allowed to ferment until the bacterial strains act, and turn them into a color

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