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Nopal: Discover the health benefits of this species of cactus

The cactus is a species of cactus originating in Mexico that has numerous health benefits as it is a wonderful source of fiber, antioxidants, calcium, vitamins and minerals.

contributes to intestinal transit, improves the quality of blood, and has its own resources to prevent Diabetes and hypoglycemia.

The nopal increases insulin levels and helps to balance blood sugar levels causing harmful fat not to accumulate in the body, something that generates health problems, in addition Of overweight.

It is a plant derived from the cactus family of green and oval in shape.

In addition to contributing to health, the cactus has a very useful ecological effect because it makes the infertile lands fertile, stopping degradation of deforested land.

Among its many benefits nopal provides vitamin E, vitamin B6, iron, copper, vitamin a, C, K, potassium, magnesium, manganese and calcium.

? How does it work in the body

Digestion: the fibers of the nopal are considered dietary fibers that help the digestive process by reducing diarrhea, constipation and at the same time establishing a good intestinal transit; Which helps to eliminate waste on a regular basis. This same fiber helps to eliminate cholesterol and thus prevent heart problems.
Weight loss: the abundant fiber of the cactus will make us feel satiated by drastically reducing the anxiety that leads to eat so excessive.

also, this plant is low in saturated fat and cholesterol and vitamin B boosts metabolism something that promotes fat burning and helps to generate energy.

Prevention of cancer: phytochemicals composed of flavonoids, vitamin C and the antioxidants of the nopal fight the cancer cells and prevent their appearance, all thanks to being a plant that benefits the immune system

Metabolic Activity: the nopal has many benefits but the most outstanding are the presence of minerals and vitamins. These include thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and its high vitamin B6 content. All this cocktail of beneficial substances favors directly to cellular metabolism by increasing the activity and contributing directly to nutrient absorption and reduced weight

Strengthens bones. also the bones are favored With the nopal given its moderate dose of calcium, which is directly responsible for making healthy, strong and resistant bones.

Improves Sleep: Magnesium containing nopal is useful to induce Sleep mostly in people who have difficulty sleeping, who suffer from chronic or nervous anxiety. The nopal releases serotonin and melatonin; Both generate a sense of well-being and induce sleep, relax and diminish the brain's nerve function helping to fall asleep.

Inflammation: the juices of the cactus leaves have anti-inflammatory properties especially Those that are related to arthritis, injuries, muscle tension and joint pain.
It favors the Skin: Phytochemicals of the cactus are antioxidants that act as a barrier against the traces that leaves leaving the premature aging Preventing the appearance of spots and wrinkles on the skin.

Eating nopal helps eliminate free radicals and maintain healthy skin.

Diabetes: The juice of leaves Of cactus regulate blood glucose levels and this is very beneficial for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes as it supports conventional treatments.

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