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Mixing the fruits, is it a healthy option?

The summer is approaching, and with it the typical hot days of the summer season, that make a bath in the sea, river or pool, can turn out to be a true Wonder

There are also refreshing infusions for the summer although one of the most recommendable and recommended options.

We can prepare them comfortably at home, or order them at the restaurant or in the snack bar, but it is advisable to mix the fruits There are times that can be an alternative not certainly recommended, since they tend to produce different chemical reactions that can be harmful to the organism. ]

Among those fruit blends that can be considered as "fresh fruits,

Pineapple containing dairy products (yogurt or milk)

          Which trigger intoxication. Not in vain, it is such a powerful poison that may be able to kill insects.

          Orange with carrot .
          It is easy to find yogurts or natural juices that mix orange with carrot. However, they can raise stomach acidity as it causes diverse dysfunctions in the liver, while it stimulates excess bile and potentiates some substances that are harmful to the renal system.

          Banana and guava .
          Like orange with carrot, mixing the banana with guava can cause stomach acidity, hyperacidity or acidosis.

          Lemon with papaya .
          It is a rather strange mixture, but in case of mixing lemon and papaya, it can cause anemia and produce problems with hemoglobin.

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