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It Prevents Hair Loss: Because Of This Ingredient, Hair And Eyebrows Grow Rapidly! (Recipe)

Castor oil is very effective for strengthening and growth of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. This oil is loaded with vitamin E, minerals and proteins and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. 
Castor oil is also rich in triglycerides of unsaturated fats. This composition is a major cause that castor oil has rejuvenating abilities. Additionally, it is known that the ricinoleic acid prevents and treats fungi, microbes, infections, and mildew.
It is rich in omega-9 fatty acids, which nourish the hair and follicles. Just rub a few drops of castor oil in the scalp, and it will penetrate into the pores and follicles from which the hair grows.
According to Dr. David Williams, this oil can also help the lymph flow “There is no drug that can improve the flow of lymph, but the topical application of castor oil can achieve that”.
Since castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, it gives it anti-inflammatory properties, which make it useful for the digestive system and the inflammatory process in the intestine.
Despite its amazing benefits for your hair, this oil has a wide range of other uses, as follows:

  • Treat gastro-intestinal problems;
  • Soothes menstrual problems – it relaxes muscles and prevents menstrual cramps;
  • Relieves headache 
  • Prevent acne, pimples and other skin problems;
  • Alleviates sunburn;
  • Treat athlete’s foot;
  • Prevent worms;
  • Prevents and eliminate dandruff, and protects the scalp from fungal and microbial infections because of its fungicidal, germicidal and insecticidal properties.
  • Treat skin infections 

Castor oil packing preparation:Castor oil packing is an incredibly beneficial natural remedy, which is extremely helpful in the case of kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome, fibroids, swollen joints, ulcers on the ovaries, with digestive problems and menstrual cramps.
Put a little oil on several layers of gauze and apply it directly on the skin. If you want to increase its effect, put a bottle with hot water through the package and let it act for an hour. Repeat the procedure three times a week to treat your problem.
Castor oil for faster growth of eyelashes:You should mix 20 ml panthenol, 30 ml of castor oil, 15 drops of garlic. Regularly apply the mixture on the eyelashes or eyebrows.