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How to remove the stye from the hair without losing your length

Having split or open tips, also known as stye, occurs when the ends of the hair are opened, this happens because the protective cuticles Weakened by various circumstances, such as when the hair is dry, lifeless and poorly hydrated. It is possible to eliminate the stye of the hair without losing the length, but it is necessary to keep the hair and take into account situations that could damage it.

The hair stye may appear for a variety of reasons, either by

  • Environmental pollution can cause damages that are difficult to repair in the chemical structure of the buildings. Hair follicles, so the hair looks opaque and lifeless.
  • Constant direct exposure to the sun, live in a place with very dry or humid climates and even the wind, seriously affect the natural production
  • The chlorine of the swimming pools and the saltpetre of the sea water, can modify in a negative way the natural chemical constitution of any hair. Such as dryers, irons and curlers work with heat, which is used directly on hair fibers, causing dryness, especially at the tips.
  • Although it is true that brushing the hair keeps it healthy and shiny, do it

And although many people think it is a myth, food greatly influences the health of the hair. Fortunately, there is adequate food to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Try to consume those foods and acquire the necessary nutrients to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

It is so, the constant exposure to the sun, the Use followed by irons or dryers, as well as harmful chemicals are one of the main causes for the hair ends to open. These are some of the best methods to remove the hair shaft without losing the length:

Avocado and olive oil

A very ripe avocado and two tablespoons of olive oil should be mixed in a bowl, both are well beaten until a homogeneous paste is formed. It is applied over the entire surface Of the hair, is covered with a cap for about 15 or 20 minutes, is removed with very cold water and then washed the hair as it is accustomed.

Jojoba oil

And should only be applied a little on the tips of the hair and then combing it to taste, it should not be removed, as the properties of the oil should penetrate well into the hair follicles and repair it slowly.

Honey honey to remove the orzuela

Honey contains many properties that nourish the hair, leaving it soft and shiny, a good idea to repair damaged tips is to replace the conditioner with fresh honey. After washing with shampoo, let the honey act for about 5 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

Papaya and yogurt

To remove the pomace of the hair with papaya liquefy a full small papaya and a cup of yogurt, this mixture should be applied only on the leather Hair, not all hair. It is allowed to act for 30 minutes and then it is removed with abundant cold water, without using shampoo or conditioners.

8 ways to remove the stye of the hair without losing the length

1. Use a good shampoo. In the event that the sun must be exposed frequently, it is prudent to use one that has sunscreen.
2. Never leave aside the conditioner or the masks, it is important to use one suitable according to the type of hair that is possessed
3. Do not brush the hair when it is still wet, and avoid combs with very short teeth and together.
4. Avoid, as far as possible, frequent use of hair dryers, straightening irons or curling irons
5. Eating healthily and balanced, it would not hurt to take a vitamin complex.
6. Wear hats and hats if the hair should be exposed to very hot or very cold weather
7. Summon it at least every two months
8. How to prevent hair loss in the face of the skin with a natural moisturizer.

Hair tips open

If you are already working your hair to remove the orzuela, or if you want to prevent it, follow the following tips to not see that dry and ungracious texture appear that makes your hair look sad and dull First of all, choose the type of brush you use, but with prudence – for daily brushing, choose a padded brush with flexible bristles. This will work with the brush. Easy to untangle hair.Beware – hard plastic brushes and bristles will pull and tear your hair if used for normal daily brushing on knotted hair

Carefully brush through your ends first , Then work slowly to the middle section. In a final blow, you can brush through the entire length of your hair.

Apply only shampoo to the scalp

Do not group all the hair in a large pile on top of head. Let the hair hang normally and simply thicken the shampoo on the scalp, and then let the ends of your hair experience "secondhand foam" while rinsing the shampoo.

Condition your ends

Always use conditioner. Be sure to apply the conditioner directly to the ends of your hair, and then give it a couple of minutes to soak up.

Drying with towel

Do not scrub and rub all your hair with the towel. When you rinse your hair, do not rinse completely, however do not leave too much. Instead, wrap the hair with a towel and simply squeeze different areas to remove moisture.

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