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How to help a family member with chronic depression?

Chronic depression has more impact on our society than we suspect, it is very likely to find a relative with this kind of depression, and The emotional support of the family is fundamental to find rapid responses of improvement in the person.

We live in a world dominated by individualistic desires, and the self-centeredness that increases every time encourages many people to feel depressed. This depression in many cases can not be surpassed, on the other hand ] Depressive Disorders from hereditary factors are becoming ever larger.According to the WHO, depression is the conclusion of various interactions between social, psychological and biological factors.How can we help a family member with depression Chronic ? Depression may come from different internal and external factors.

Of each individual. Genetic factors are often one of the most common, this indicates that there may be some physico-chemical element that is altering our brain by inheritance.

Other risk factors are thyroid related diseases and hormonal processes , As well as cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, the excessive intake of alcoholic beverages and the consumption of drugs undoubtedly affects the neural system, which leads to depression . Whether it be our case or not, we all need to learn how depression affects the family environment and how to combat it.

Depression in the family environment

Chronic depression covering his face with his hand "

Each member in the family has a role to play, so if there are alterations such as those caused by Depression, these roles will be distorted In the case of the parents, no doubt their positive or negative actions will be marked in the children.In the case of a son or daughter who suffers from depression, the father must define If it is something more than sadness.It is advisable to go to a specialist in the matter as soon as possible to make a diagnosis in time, thus allowing all members to know how depression affects the family environment Knowing how affects depression in the family allows us to cultivate qualities necessary for the good coexistence with our family

How to help a person with depression

family. For example patience and understanding. We can help them by letting them know that it is not their fault and with words of encouragement and sincere commendation, we can be a refreshing source for our relative. Each case is particular, so do not think that it will always act or say something specific. In this way do not rush to take personally what he says. Think well before answering . What other things can you do for him?

1. Encourage him to do exercises

A good workout will help a lot, so walking out and walking half an hour a day will release stress and hormone load. To give your family member more courage, it would be good to do it with him. For example, the easiest is to start with morning walks, to absorb morning freshness and morning air, plus a good walk generates serotonin, a substance that helps our brain to find pleasure more easily.


A good intake

A good dietary intake is a key to a person with chronic depression. Of foods rich in vitamins and minerals will certainly put the body to work efficiently .

3 The consumption of fats and unhealthy foods such as fried foods,

A proper rest allows the brain to restore any damage and restore its metabolism. As far as it depends on you, try to create a suitable space to rest

"Better they are two than one" says one of them, Biblical proverb, so working together will always be the key. Show him natural affection, sincere interest. Undoubtedly the more interest you put into it, the better your determination to succeed. Of course, a medical evaluation should be the first step. Make sure that you go to the doctor's office and if you need to take the medications prescribed by the doctor. All these steps will be of great help in the fight against chronic depression of a family member or friend.

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