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How to decrease creatinine

Decrease creatinine creatinine is one Parameter commonly encountered in blood tests (also known as blood analytical ), and is the result of degradation of creatine, a component of muscles.


This creatinine can be transformed into ATP, which is a source of high energy for cells, while its production directly depends on the modification of muscle mass, so many

As usual, the analysis of creatinine in blood is commonly used as a way to know what the State of the kidneys, allowing to know if these function correctly or not. Thus, levels of high creatinine relative to normal creatinine values ​​ are a clear signal that something in our kidneys is not well.

In this sense, it is true that, as a rule, the typical reference range in women ranges from 0.5 to 1.0 mg / dL, whereas for men it is 0.7 to 1.4 mg / dL.

However, in those times when the kidneys do not work quite well, their levels may increase. For this reason, it is useful to discover some tips that may help you to know how to decrease high creatinine .

Although at high levels of creatinine our doctor must make a second analysis to confirm that this increase was not due to something specific or some error, it is possible That the increase of their levels are a clear symptom that our kidneys do not work correctly, since they do not purify it properly

However, it is true that now that decreases increased creatinine it is essential to follow the following basic advice: ] Take about two liters of water each day. It is essential for the correct functioning of the kidneys, as well as for the proper purification of the kidneys.

It always consumes healthy and healthy foods, that are fresh and natural.

Consume 5 servings a day of fresh fruit and vegetables.

  • Control your blood pressure every day. Hypertension is a clear enemy of your kidneys.
  • In your diet it eliminates alcohol and red meats, very green vegetables and seafood with high protein content.
  • These habits are useful not only to lower blood creatinine levels, but to care for and help our kidneys in the important process of purifying our body and eliminating those toxins and substances That we do not need.

    And if we lower the levels of creatinine means that our kidneys are working properly.

    That yes, never hesitate to always follow the medical advice, who will analyze the possible causes of the increase of this blood parameter, and who will prescribe the most appropriate treatment depending on them.

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