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How to combine plant proteins

are compound macromolecules Mainly by hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon, although the great majority also contain phosphorus and sulfur, being formed by the union of several amino acids by peptidic.

They are essential nutrients for the correct functioning of our organism, since

Depending on their origin they are classified in animal proteins and in vegetable proteins . In this sense, while it is true that animal proteins are much richer from a nutritional point of view because they provide more essential amino acids, the reality is that vegetable proteins also provide the following

  • They help not to overload both the liver and kidneys
  • They are easy to digest.
  • However, although plant proteins are more nutritionally adequate, we must take into account that within a balanced diet it is best to try to mix animal proteins And vegetables since in this way we were able to complete the different nutrients that we can find in animal proteins and we do not find them in vegetables.

    In order to make vegetable proteins as complete as possible, it is best to mix them together

  • Legumbre + fruta seco
  • Legumbre + cereal
  • Proteins we advise you to read our notes dedicated to where to find animal proteins and where to find vegetable proteins . Kelly Sue

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