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Home Remedies to eliminate the open tips of the hair

If you are desperate for the open tips in your hair and you do not want to continue cutting your hair since you want to let it grow this article is for you, here you will find tips and Tips to avoid them.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so it would be ideal to regularly feed your hair with the right products: using shampoo and conditioner specific for your type of hair Hair (smooth, volume, curly, oily, dry or tinted), the periodic application of a nourishing and toning mask and some biomedical hairdressing treatments (at least every 2-3 months) are certainly good habits, Woman should have in order to prevent the emergence of open toes. However, we know that it is not so, because of lack of time or money.

– Exposure of hair to the sun, heat, dust and contamination

– What causes open ends? – Excessive use of styling tools, such as curlers and straighteners
– Excessive use of cosmetics for the hair, such as gels, serums and aerosols
– Washing of hair with hot water.
– Use of lower quality combs, pins and ribbons
– Lack of routine maintenance, such as cutting the tips every 3 months
– Excess use of chemical treatments, such as dyes, permanent etc.
– Do not grease hair properly.
– Shower your hair with hard water, like water mixed with chlorine from swimming pools.

Home remedies for open ends

1. Egg

One of the best remedies to make your hair free from split ends, eliminate dryness and opacity is the application of an egg. There are several ways in which the egg can be applied to your hair.

How to use the egg in the hair
You can apply the mixed egg with olive oil / almond oil and honey as a hair cap, and wash after 30-45 minutes

A beaten egg with a tablespoon of water can also be applied as a shampoo. You can also pour orange juice and a banana into two eggs and apply as a hair mask. Hold it for 30 minutes and wash it.

These remedies are really effective in treating your hair from the problem of open ends.

2. Papaya

Take a ripe papaya and a half cup of yogurt. You must mix them to obtain a pulpous pasta. Apply the mixture as a hair mask for about 30 minutes and then remove it with water. This will give your hair shine and will avoid the split ends.

3. Castor oil

Massage your hair with castor oil, mixed with mustard and olive oil, to obtain unpeeled hair. Hold for 30 minutes, and wrap with a towel or shower cap. Then rinse with shampoo.

4. Cream Agria

Mix one tablespoon of sour cream with half a cup of milk. Beat the mixture thoroughly. Apply this mixture to your hair for 15 minutes and wash it.

5. Honey

Honey is a great treatment for open ends. Mix a spoon full of honey and a little curd. Massage your hair with this blend, especially at the ends of the hair. Allow this mixture to remain in its strands for 20 minutes and then rinse. This mixture will not only relieve you of the open ends, but also gives your hair a magnificent shine.

6. Beer

Beer is really good for your hair and is considered as a great conditioner. Rinse your hair with beer after shampooing and you will be really surprised to see the shine in your hair. This will help your hair eliminate the problem of the open ends.

7. Avocado

Crush an avocado and massage into its wet hair, creating a coating for the open tips. Rinse after thirty minutes. If necessary, olive oil can also be used.

8. Olive oil

Give your hair a relaxing and effective spa with hot olive oil. Massage your hair gently with olive oil. You can keep it overnight or wash it after an hour.

9. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is again a great oil therapy to combat with almost all hair problems. Massage your hair with lukewarm coconut oil to treat open ends, opacity and hair loss.

10. Chamomile Tea

To restrict the open tips and frizz of hair, you should give your hair a chamomile tea rinse. Put a few bags of chamomile tea in boiling water. Let cool. Rinse your hair with this solution to remove the flower or open tips.

11. Shea Butter

You should apply this effective butter on your hair after washing it. Massage your hair moist with shea butter and dry naturally. In a few days, you will see that you get rid of the open ends.

12. Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is also a good choice for treating the flower. It is used the same as shea butter.

13. Argan oil

Massaging your hair with argan oil can help you with a variety of hair problems such as dry hair, split ends, bulging and curly hair.

14. Clarified butter or ghee

Clarified butter or ghee can give the hair an extremely healthy and nourished appearance. Massage your hair with clarified butter and keep it overnight. Rinse the next morning with warm water.

15. Black Lentils

Take ½ cup of black lentils and grindstone to obtain a smooth powder. Add a spoon full of fenugreek seeds. Now, mix this with a cup of yogurt. Apply this to your hair for two hours and wash with a mild shampoo afterwards.

16. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil can be mixed with your shampoo or conditioner while you wash your hair to get smooth, nourished hair. This remedy is also ideal for curing open toes.

17. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is an excellent treatment for dry hair that suffers from open ends. Simply apply mayonnaise to your hair twice a week, especially at the ends.

18. Banana

Machaque a ripe banana. Add an egg, a little honey and a little milk to turn it into a banana puree and apply it as a hair mask. Wash and rinse after half an hour.

19. Fenugreek

Make a fine paste of fenugreek seeds and curd. Use this as a hair mask. Wash it after two hours for smooth, silky hair. This natural home remedy will also treat your tips open.

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