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Home: Five Alternative Uses for Floss

If you thought that flossing was just for cleaning your teeth, we have the news that also serves to solve problems at home.

To take photos that have stuck together: Sometimes we take a lot of time to put the photos in the album and when we do, To the other. Slip a piece of floss through and solved problem.

To clean the keyboard: If you use the computer as much as I hehe, you will notice that the keyboard becomes very dirty. Use a piece of floss as you would use it to brush your teeth but passing it between the keys.

To cut the cheesecake Sometimes when you cut the cheesecake with knife it is badly cut. If you invited your friends to have tea and you want the slices of cheesecake to look very sharp, instead of using a knife, floss.

To fix an umbrella If one of the metallic sticks of the umbrella was peeled off, again floss because it is resistant against water.

To repair the gap left by a nail: If you decided to change the place tiles but you ran out of putty to cover the holes left by the nails, roll a piece of dental floss, Put rubber and cover the gap. When it dries, paint and ready!

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