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Grapes for high blood pressure

The high blood pressure is a problem that can affect absolutely anyone. And it is that a high blood pressure (greater than 130-139 / 85-89) is considered to be a really serious risk to health .

This is so, because as we have seen in previous posts, we have known that high blood pressure

We know that there are certain good anti-hypertensive foods which can lead to heart failure, heart failure, and kidney failure.

In any case, it seems that grapes have a high impact on cardiovascular risk, as has been known thanks to research carried out by researchers from the Research Laboratory

As it turned out, grapes would not only help reduce blood pressure itself, but consume them every day help control or decrease hypertension.

It seems that the secret is found in the flavonoids beneficial chemicals that, besides grapes, we find in cocoa

Not surprisingly, as Dr. Steven Bolling, the lead researcher, pointed out, the inevitable consequence of both the tomatoes and the green tea. Hypertension as heart failure can change with the incorporation of grapes into the diet.

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