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Girls You Have Been Using Sanitary Napkins Wrong Your Entire Life

Sanitary napkins is worn between the vulva and the underwear during a menstrual period in order to absorb the menstrual bloods. On the market you can find two types of sanitary napkins- one that have adhesive tape and you need to stick them on the panties and the other have wings which are wrapped under the panties to keep the sanitary towel in place. They need to be changed on every 4-8 hours.
Step 1Remove the sanitary pad from the packaging and unfold it.
Step 2Sit on the toilet, place your underwear under your knees.
Step 3Remove the strip on the pads to reveal the adhesive that sticks to the panties. If you’re using sanitary pads with wings, there will be three strips. 
Step 4Press the sanitary pad on your panties, the adhesive part should be stuck on your underwear. Then wrap the wings around your panties and press them as well. If you use pads designed for tongs then the wider part should be placed on the front part of your underwear.
Step 5You can check whether or not the sanitary pad is in the right position by pulling your underwear up and checking if it covers the entire vaginal opening.
Step 6Check the sanitary pads every two hours so in order to see if they need to be changed. If they are wet on the surface and do not absorb the menstrual blood, then they need to be changed.
Step 7When you’re changing it, fold the sanitary towel and wrap it in toilet paper, then throw it away in a trash can.
Reusable sanitary napkins
Step 1Sit on the toilet and pull your underwear just above your knees.
Step 2Place the sanitary pads on the crotch of your panties and the snaps on the wings should be facing up towards you.
Step 3After that, fold the wings over the sides of the crotch of your underwear.
Step 4Check the sanitary pads every two hours. Change it if it is wet on the surface and is no longer absorbing the menstrual blood.
Step 5The used sanitary towel should be put in soapy water to soak. But you must put a lid over the container. Then after each use, put the sanitary towels in the bucket until the end of the period. After the period wash the sanitary towels into the washing machine with the laundry detergent you usually use.
WarningsYou have to get rid of the disposable sanitary towels in a trash that is out of reach of pets. This is due to the fact that some pets are attracted by the smell of the menstrual blood.
TipsWash your hands before and after changing your sanitary napkins

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