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Foods rich in vitamin C

vitamin-C foods-rich-vitamin-c is an antioxidant, detoxifying, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial and antiviral vitamin for this main reason, many specialists recommend taking vitamin C for autumn and winter. Refers to the actual virtues of vitamin C it is convenient to know that it is involved in more than 300 biological processes, being very important for the immune system to function effectively and correctly.

[1945900001] ] Because of this, in the coldest months of the year many people choose to take nutritional supplements and vitamins that help them to have a correct contribution in this vitamin, since it helps to increase the defenses and to reinforce the operation Of the immune system.

That is why it is essential to follow every day a diet rich in vitamin C since it is the best way to ensure a correct – and sufficient – contribution in this vitamin. But we must be careful, since being a somewhat unstable water-soluble vitamin, once pulled the fruit of the tree tends to lose many of its nutritional virtues, so it is best to consume it quickly. In addition, exposure to air and light can cause a decrease of this vitamin in fruits and vegetables.

But, what are the foods rich in vitamin C ?

Foods rich in vitamin C



Mango Mandarina

] Turnips
As we see, it is essential not only to follow a healthy diet, but to consume fresh fruits and vegetables every day, which will assure us that we do not have to eat any of the fruits of the day, so we will not be able to eat them. "

Only a correct contribution in vitamin C, but a good and optimal health.

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