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Foods rich in fiber

fiber rich foods fiber fiber In one of the ideal nutrients for all those who suffer from constipation especially because it has important benefits and properties that help when going to the bathroom. ] For example, it is able to increase the volume of the stool, decreasing the time they remain in the intestine, and helps to eliminate toxic substances and prevents the appearance of cellulite

But it is essential to know how Increase the daily amount of fiber in the diet, given that it is not at all advisable to increase fiber consumption by blow, especially if we are not used to the consumption of fiber-rich foods .

The main reason is that this is the best way to allow both the bacterial flora and the intestine to adapt to their consumption, so we can avoid different adverse effects, such as intestinal discomfort or the formation of annoying

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What are the best foods rich in fiber? Whole grain cereals
They are healthy natural products, which, in addition to being rich in fiber, provide a sense of satiety. They help to avoid the absorption of toxic substances, being useful in eliminating the toxins that accumulate in our organism.

  • Legumes
    They are rich in both fiber and essential nutrients for our body, as is the case with vitamins or minerals. In addition, they usually contribute vegetable proteins of very good quality.
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