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Easy Steps in Preventing A Baby Or Toddler From Choking

Babies or toddler can choke on any small objects because they often put anything and everything they see in their mouths, increasing the chance of choking and suffocating on them.
To prevent choking, keep small objects — coins, marbles, pebbles, etc. out of reach of small children.
Never let your child eat without supervision. Never put your child in a high chair with some food and leave the room.
Also, cut up food into small pieces.
If your child shows signs of choking, stay calm and ask the child to cough to help remove the object.
If it doesn’t work, follow these steps:
FIRST STEP: Lay baby downwards on your forearm. Using the heel of your hand, give her a firm back blow between the shoulder blades. Give up to five back blows, and check between each blow to see if the blockage has cleared.
SECOND STEP: If the blockage hasn’t cleared, lay baby on her back, place two fingers in the centre of her chest, and give her up to five chest thrusts – like CPR compressions but slower and sharper. Check to see if the blockage has cleared between each thrust.
THIRD STEP: If baby is still choking, check that someone has called an ambulance and alternate five back blows and five chest thrusts until emergency help arrives. If at any point baby becomes unconscious, start baby CPR.

Source: viral4real