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A single leaf of this herb that is in every garden can save your life in a minute, but few know how to do it!

It is called "Dandelion", due to all the benefits and to a number of properties, it is one of the most important depurative when talking about the digestive system Or liver.

It is known as dandelion, for all the small leaves and cropped.

For example, we want to facilitate the different functions of elimination both in the body and in the body.

The flowers, leaves and roots of this plant are edible, and their flavor resembles that of the spicy arugula.
Take care when picking this herb and make sure to take it from areas where it has not been exposed to chemicals. You can also find dandelion and roots in Asian stores or even in some specialized supermarkets.

In the case that you want to plant them, it is better to collect the dandelions in spring when they are young (before the flowers appear ) And again in the fall.

The dandelion root can be used to make a medicinal tea to treat digestive problems, gallstones, inflammation, muscle aches and swelling. Prepare this tea add the root (fresh or dried) in a cup with boiling water and let stand for 2 or 3 minutes. Add a little honey to eliminate bitter taste.

Roots can also be dried and ground and used as a coffee replacement. Once the root is toasted it has the appearance and taste similar to coffee. It can be prepared in a coffee maker. Serve the dandelion coffee with cream and sweetener.

The fresh or dried petals of this herb can be used as a garnish in salads and desserts as they are very nutritious. Ripe dandelion can be bitter, but for example you can eat sauteed or raw in salads or sandwiches.

So instead of worrying about eradicating these weeds from your lawn every year, or asking for wishes With their flowers, think you have a good source of free food in your garden with a high nutritional value.

They also have the ability to stabilize blood sugar, making it an excellent complement for diabetics .

Consuming dandelions is ideal for those who who lose a few kilos. Not only are they low in calories, they also act as diuretics, therefore they cause the weight of water to be urinated in a healthy way.

In many countries, especially in Asia, Dandelion to heal and prevent certain diseases, and today is one of the most studied herbs by Western medicine.
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