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9 Health Benefits of Eating Spicy Food

Did you know that spicy foods can be significantly beneficial for your overall health?
Here are the 9 amazing benefits of eating spicy food. 
1. Help you live longerA research conducted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences found that those people who consume spicy food on a daily or almost daily basis, have a decreased risk of dying from all causes by 14% compared to those who do not eat spicy food or consume it very rarely.
2. Boost your immune systemThe antibacterial power combined with the high antioxidant phenolic content of many spices stave off infections and help protect your body from foreign invaders.
According to the folk medicine practices, many spicy foods can boost the heart, lung, and kidney health, due to the capsaicin, a powerful bioactive ingredient that many spicy foods.
3. Reduce food cravingsAfter eating meals with spicy ingredients people have fewer cravings for salty, fatty, or sweet foods.This finding was even confirmed by people who don’t typically consume spicy foods; the sporadic ingestion of spicy ingredients can provide incredible benefits for maintaining a healthy weight. 
4. Deter overeatingSpicy meals tend to satiate you before you reach the dreaded point of unbuttoning, and it is easier to avoid overeating when you feel fuller. In a study, participants who ate a spicy appetizer ended up eating less of the subsequent meal. Spiciness slows down your eating process, which usually leads to fewer caloric intake overall.

5. Reduce inflammationSpicy foods can reduce inflammation in the body due to their high phenolic content. They can act as anti-inflammatory agents, thus reducing the risk of disease, swelling and physical discomfort.
6. Decrease the hunger hormoneThe hormone known as ghrelin can act as a true gremlin in your stomach, making you eat and eat without a limit. So, you can get rid of that annoying little bugger by eating a spicy meal which will reduce the ghrelin level and when eating a meal you will feel fuller.
7. Significantly speed up your metabolismThermogenesis is a heating process in which the capsaicin boosts your basal metabolic rate. This fat-burning compound can make your metabolism burn an additional 50 calories after consuming a spicy meal.
8. Improve blood vessel functionCapsaicinoids have LDL cholesterol-reducing benefits. Capsaicin in particular has been shown to promote healthy blood vessel function and reduce blood pressure.
9. Protect you from Foodborne IllnessesFor a long time, spicy foods have been touted because of the antimicrobial properties they possess. Cornell conducted a study which discovered that adding spices to dishes can kill harmful fungi and bacteria present in your food.
It was believed that the cultures that ate more spices were able to live longer and to fight diseases better, and according to the research exactly this was the reason why the taste for spicy foods developed over time. Onions, capsicums, cumin, and garlic are among some of the most antibacterial spices.
Furthermore, spicy foods are extremely delicious! Now that you are familiar with all the benefits they can provide, it is time to include them in your diet!

Source: beautyandappearance