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6 ways to eliminate persistent hiccups in seconds

There are several methods, based on the experience of hundreds of people, that can help you end your persistent hiccups in a few seconds, Immediate relief. Continue reading to find out the causes of hiccups and how to slow it down quickly.

Hiccup is an automatic reaction of the body that can not be controlled, defined as an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm, however, unlike sneezing Or cough, does not seem to have any use in our body. In spite of this the hiccup is very common, affecting men and women alike. Being persistent hiccough some studies indicate that it affects more males. And a salient feature of hiccups is that it tends to have more prominence at night. Most people have bouts of hiccups from time to time, which is very unpleasant in itself.

In the majority of cases, it begins without reason and disappears shortly.

Graph of abrupt contraction of the diaphragm cause of persistent hiccup " "

There is no known cause for persistent hiccups. However, having a very full stomach can cause episodes of hiccups that disappear by themselves then

  • ] A sudden change in the temperature of the stomach, such as taking a hot drink and then a cold drink
  • A sudden change in the temperature of the stomach, such as taking a hot drink and then a cold drink
  • ] Emotional stress accompanied by sighs

    How long does hiccup last?

    Hiccups usually disappear on their own within a few minutes or hours at most. If the hiccup lasts more than 48 hours, it is called persistent hiccup . And if it lasts more than a month, which is very rare to happen, it is called irritable hiccups. The latter can cause exhaustion, lack of sleep, and even weight loss in those who have it. Both persistent hiccups and irritable hiccups are often a sign of increased health problems that need to be given to them.

    How to eliminate persistent hiccups?

    Because there is no An apparent cause or utility of their raison d'etre, there are no scientific remedies for hypo . Most of these attacks go away on their own in a few minutes or a few hours and do not require any treatment. However, multiple home remedies are used to treat hiccups. Most of them involve increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. Some of these remedies include:

    ] Take a glass of ice or cold water Be careful not to drink it after performing an exhaustive physical activity

  • Raise your arms upwards and arch your back, feeling As it constricts the abdomen and maintains the breathing while having the arms raised.This is a very effective way to end the persistent hiccups.
  • Drink a glass of water by tilting your head Knees, you should put the edge of the glass on your upper lip, and drink slowly, preventing the water from spilling or entering through your nose.
  • Breathe repetitively and quickly
  • Bringing the knees
  • Bringing on the knees
  • There are many popular remedies for to remove persistent hiccups, but only be Based on the experience that each individual has suffered and how they have overcome their hiccup states. It is not clear their effectiveness, that is, they can serve in some people and in others not, depending on the way of reacting the body of each individual. There are no medicines for hiccups rather, almost all the remedies on offer are related to breathing exercises, and not with the taking of some concoction.

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