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6 foods to avoid if you have colitis

If you have colitis and the symptoms do not stop, it is advisable that you modify your diet and avoid consumption of certain foods that can be greasy, such as fried foods , Milk, eggs among others, to prevent the colitis is aggravated and the intestine suffer irreversible or difficult recovery.

Colitis is a condition in the intestine.It may present as a swelling of the large intestine or rectum.This specific area of ​​the body, that is, the part Lower intestine is also known as colon and hence the name of this disease comes in. It is currently known in other ways, such as bowel syndrome, in addition to irritable bowel, people suffering from this condition can not carry A totally normal life, especially with meals, there are 6 foods that should be avoided if you have colitis.

It is quite common to be confused with diarrhea, as this may present as a symptom, but they differ because colitis is a disease, whereas diarrhea is not More than a symptom. It may be more serious depending on the cause of the colitis, as well as its intensity and duration.

Types of colitis

Depending on its origin, colitis occurs in several types such as Which are mentioned below:

Ulcerative colitis

This is a disease that is considered chronic, is characterized by inflammation of the interior of the colon, in addition to the presence of various wounds or ulcers that appear On the inner wall of the large intestine.

It is a complication that occurs to those who suffer from ulcerative colitis and it usually begins in the rectum and goes to the colon. Uncontrolled Crohn's disease or any infection in the colon, it affects and also damages the walls of the bowel as a whole. Known as toxic megacolon it causes inflammation of the walls of the colon, even causing its rupture. In this case, symptoms such as inflammation of the abdomen and the presence of many gases are present.

Consumption of certain antibiotics can damage the walls of the interior of the colon. Causes psudomembranous colitis. This is because antibiotics often alter the balance of bacteria in the intestine, resulting in the onset of various diseases.

Hemorrhagic colitis

This is caused by a Bacterium called Escherichia coli, which infects the large intestine and produces certain toxins that cause bloody diarrhea and also severe abdominal pains.

Nerve colitis

This type of colitis may appear when Are living situations that cause a lot of stress, anxiety or nervousness very often. Most of these situations cause contractions in the muscles surrounding the large intestine, which increases the sensitivity of this to the presence of gases and movements of the digestive system.

Woman with colitis should go to the bathroom.

Woman with colitis should go to the bathroom

These symptoms may vary a lot, especially in terms of their severity or they may also appear gradually or suddenly.

  • Abdominal pains
  • Heavy cramps

  • Diarrhea constant
  • Stool with diarrhea or pus
  • 6 foods that should be avoided if you have colitis

People who have this disease should avoid many foods that are considered to be inadequate, especially those that feel very bad since before having this horrible ailment. The main foods that should be avoided are:

Fatty foods

Foods that have a high fat content can generally accelerate a little intestinal contractions, This causes a very negative reaction to the body which, in itself, is quite susceptible. This means that you should stay away from fried foods, fatty foods, fatty meats, fast foods and any preparation other than steam or boiled and vegetable, at least until the condition of colitis, whether chronic colitis or nerve colitis is improved.

Dairy products

Even if you have never suffered from a lactose intolerance, it is best to avoid consumption of most dairy products at least for a while, after suffering from a colitis. You should also be careful with products derived from dairy, especially those that are presented as an ingredient of fried foods and fatty foods.

Foods without sugar

Some of the artificial sweeteners that may exist To produce a laxative effect, which contributes greatly to inflammations occurring within the large intestine of people who have suffered from colitis.


Alcoholic beverages affect a variety of Ways, but generally stimulate the bowel and in a person who has a history or is in full crisis of colitis, can even promote diarrhea.


Legumes and other grains that are rich

Coffee and tea

Caffeine has an effect on the supply of fuel for Bowel movement, can even affect people who do not have inflammatory diseases. So if you are suffering from intestinal problems, discard coffee and opt for drinks like water with lemon or parsley water that will help your body to detox faster.

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