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4 Reasons Why You Should Always Urinate Under the Shower!

All of us urinate under the shower at least once or twice and there are some people who even do it regularly, believe it or not. Well, it turns out that those people who do it are doing a good thing and doctors even recommend it

You may find this article a bit disgusting and awkward at first, but after you read it, you will realize that the mentioned reasons about urinating in the shower are totally reasonable.
Save the planetAccording to the Agency for Environmental Protection in the USA, urinating in the shower saves 27% of water as you’re not flushing the toilet bowl. If you combine this with the number of people on the planet, it could save a lot of water ever the year.

Disinfect your woundsFresh urine will help you in the disinfection of scars or scratches. The urine will clean the wound, and will additionally relax the tissues and relieve the pain. If the wound is deeper and more serious you should definitely see a doctor.
SkincareUrine can be an excellent remedy if you have a rash or eczema. As a matter of fact, urea is the active ingredient in many creams and oils for skin care. It’ll restore the pH balance of your skin and care for your dry and sensitive skin
Eliminate fungal infectionIf you have a fungal infection on your feet or toes urine can help you resolve the problem easily. Just apply urine to the skin affected with fungi. The result will surprise you, which will be visible after a few days.
Who knew that urinating under the shower can be a good thing? I guess we’ll start doing it much often from now on!

Source: naturalfoodbook